Wrestling Bingo / Benefits

The Benefits
Wrestling Bingo benefits teams (higher revenue), sponsors (extended visibility) and fans (greater enjoyment). It’s truly a unique, effective and engaging product offering an experience like no other!

For Teams: Higher Revenue
Wrestling Bingo is designed to boost team revenue - not just from ticket, concession or merchandise sales, but from sponsorships as well. And the product is incomparably flexible! Teams can create their own set of events and alter their reward system on the fly (e.g., Single Bingo, Blackout Bingo, even Instant Bingo).

For Sponsors: Game-Long Visibility
As a totally unique advertising platform, Wrestling Bingo offers unique sponsor opportunities!

  1. Delivers Extraordinary Visibility - Fans review their playing card the entire match, guaranteeing that the sponsor's marketing message will be read and absorbed. And fans stay to the end, to see if they've won, providing sponsors with game-long branding.
  2. Connects with Fan Passion - Wrestling Bingo keeps fans engaged and entertained, generating enormous excitement on game day as fans now have a personal stake in the events that take shape on the mat. There's no comparable product in the marketplace.
  3. Goes Beyond Traditional Signage - Wrestling Bingo takes the next logical step in advertising, going beyond traditional signage to place the sponsor's  brand, and marketing message, in the lap of the fan (literally)!

For Fans: Game-Long Entertainment
Wrestling Bingo both entertains and educates! It appeals both to casual and avid fans. And it’s game long engagement; ensuring fans stay longer to see if they’ll win! It gets fans in the game and more involved than ever before.

When we debuted a sister game, Baseball Bingo, in Wrigley Field some years ago, one Cubs season-ticket holder wrote:

"I am a serious fan and have held season tickets to the Cubs for the last 24 years. You might not target your games to people like me who follow the game closely, but rather to those who are only semi-involved. But I and the people all around had a lot of fun with the Baseball Bingo last night. How do I best let the Cubs know how much fun it was and that they should do it more often?"

Get them in the game today!