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Just a press of a button will do the trick, and your live event will hit Twitter instantly. 

It's called "Project Lightning" and is set to debut this fall. A BuzzFeed report by San Francisco Bureau Chief Mat Honan explains Twitter's decision to add a news element to its site: 


A recent study conducted by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators (NACMA) and the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at Oregon delved into ways to get fans — students, in particular — to the stadium this fall and KEEP THEM THERE until the clock hits zero.

The study shared a host of stats, among them this poignant reminder: your social media presence makes a difference. Some numbers:  


The stats don’t lie. More than 40% of social users surveyed said that they feel annoyed with social media posts and, as a result, plan to cut back their time on networking sites.

What to do?  Freshen up our posts, to make sure we’re not delivering tired and worn out messages.  For ideas, we turned to which compiled 50 ways to engage. Here are 5 for your review: 


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