Our Story

The Road Trip

It started with a family trip to visit some of the historic baseball stadiums in the country.

Steve Ferber, founder of Sideline Sports, serial entrepreneur and father of three girls, decided to take the family on a road trip to experience the great American pastime. He selected five historic baseball destinations (Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Baltimore) and mapped out week long trek to hit them all.

Steve, his wife Roe, the girls and two spouses, embarked on the first leg of the journey. The night before the game, Steve was concerned that nine innings and five games in eight days may be a bit much for the casual fans in the group. He decided to create a method by which the adventurers would be engaged throughout the game, earn a prize for winning and learn more about the game in the process.

He created Baseball Bingo cards in the hotel room. In each of the card spots were unique events that could happen on the diamond (team turns a double play, pop up to third base, a manager walks to the mound). Cards were distributed to each in group at the beginning of the game and they all played along. Throughout the game, the excitement grew and banter ensued with the youngest daughter, Olivia, earning a “Bingo” and taking the prize in the top of the 9th, much to the chagrin of the other participants.

As they left the stands, Roe asked Steve,


And it was then he knew he had something.

Baseball Bingo was born, which led to football bingo, basketball bingo and on from there. Sideline Sports was created (initially as SportsBingo) with Steve as president and daughter Melyssa at the helm as VP of Sales & Marketing. The company now offers customized playing cards for 14 different sports and continues to launch new games and fan engagement products.   

Just recently, the company launched a digital version (the New App), providing fans the opportunity to play in their seats, at home or even participate during away games.

Stay tuned as Steve continues to sketch out games centered on the goal of engaging, educating and entertaining fans.