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Sideline Sports offers unique products that engage and entertain while enhancing the overall game experience! Both the Sports Bingo cards and the all-new Smartphone App provide increased fan enjoyment, greater brand visibility, unmatched customization and a new source of revenue.

Sports Bingo – The Cards
Customizable, eye-catching and fun, SportsBingo Game Cards are entertaining, colorful bingo cards, customized with your brand. Cards are designed to be one or two-sided in black and white or full color and provide sponsorship opportunities with ample space for ads, offers and special promotions.

No two cards are alike and each is printed with unique events specific to each sport.

Sports Bingo provides game long fun, as fans now have a personal stake in the outcome (staying to the end to see if they’ve won)!

Sports Bingo - The App
Simple, interactive and entertaining, the Sideline Sports Bingo App is a dynamic and versatile new tool for engaging fans and increasing brand visibility. The App takes Sports Bingo to a new level with additional capabilities and functions.

Key features include:

  1. It's appealing to sponsors (Unparalleled reach and visibility!)
  2. It's easy to execute (The system does all the work & prizes are delivered via email).
  3. Fans can play in-arena OR at home.
  4. Link-ability (the App can link to any URL).
  5. You can customize the events.
  6. Long-term engagement (fans watch the whole game to see if they've won).
  7. It's fan-friendly (the "refresh" button keeps fans up-to-date).

And with the new App, teams can now help sponsors stay connected to their fan base even when the team is on the road. Get away game interaction and engagement like never before!

Getting started is easy!

Just give us a call to see a demo and learn more.
It takes just a few minutes to walk you through it.