How It Works

The Sophistication of Sports Bingo
Sports Bingo combines simplicity (easy to play) with technological know-how. Behind the veil we combine data analysis (to select the best events) with a computer program that generates millions of combinations.

The Basics
It begins with the Bingo Game Card (physical or digital version), customized to your specifications.

Every space on a game card contains a unique event in the sport (e.g. for Hockey:  "icing" or "offsides") generated by a sophisticated computer program. No two cards are alike. As events take place during the game, fans check off events on their card/Smartphone in a bid to earn either Single Bingo or Blackout Bingo.

Prizes typically are awarded to the first group of fans who earn Single Bingo and Blackout Bingo.  And, quite often, every fan who earns a Bingo is entered into an end-of-season Grand Prize Drawing.  

Prizes may range from team merchandise to concession discounts to gift certificates. 

A casual glance at a playing card leads to two guarantees:  

       1. Fans will thoroughly enjoy the experience
       2. Sports Bingo will help casual fans learn more about the game

When a fan casually glances their Bingo game card, they'll see 24 random events (the center space is FREE), but they may not entirely understand what went into the selection process.

There are five criteria in all:

1. Events can take place at any time - Our first goal is to keep 'em in the game, so every event on a Sports   Bingo game card can happen late in the game, which is to say, can happen any time! That's why you won't find "shutout" listed as an event, because if both teams score early in the game, you're out of luck.

2. Education - Our next challenge is to include events which educate the public. That is, events which, in some form or fashion, increase fan knowledge and fan engagement.

Examples in include:
     Indirect kick (Soccer)
     6-4-3 Double Play (Baseball)
     Offsides (Hockey)

3. The "Fun Quotient" - Naturally a primary objective is to make Sports Bingo exciting, so a portion of the events are what we call "just plain fun."

Examples include:
     Air ball (Basketball)
     Ball kicked into crowd (Soccer)
     Manager enters the field (Baseball)

4. Don't Blink - Our concern: you turn your head to order a hot dog and you miss a play or an event. This is what we DIDN'T want to happen. So, we select events that take place in a 3 to 7 second period; maintaining continuous activity while ensuring each event is easy to spot and record.

5. Spreading the Field - Our final challenge was to make certain that events occurred THROUGHOUT the game, not just in the first 15 minutes. That's why we've incorporated several "time-related events" such as “Total Shots on Goal” (Soccer), “Timeout Called in the 2nd Half” (Football) or “Single in 7th Inning or Later” (Baseball).

Fans interact, engage, learn, and maybe even win!