packers_ticket_daniel_2014_1228_2x_3.58h.jpgThe Green Bay Packers are finding success with their “Packers Ticket Takeover Contest,” offering fans (for the third season running) the chance to have their picture imprinted on 80,000 tickets (yes, 80K) for a home game this fall. And it all happens quickly – fan must submit photos over the next two weeks, then a Packers panel selects five finalists whose photos are posted online by April 20th.

Always looking for new ways to engage fans, via video?  

We turn, for a moment, to the world of music for five solid (and easy-to-execute) ideas. In the recommendations below, where you see the word “tour,” think “road trip," where it says "favorite songs," think highlight reels, and when they mention videotaping your home, why of course they mean the locker room. You get the idea. The recommendations below are drawn from a piece at 


That’s what the NHL plans to do, launching a massive upgrade to both its historical and current data. Phase I of a multi-year rollout debuted last week.


“We in sports are at this confluence . . . entertainment, and sports,
and media and e-commerce, 
and social aspects of communication.” - Ted Leonsis

Following are excerpts from a recent interview with Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals and Washington Mystics.

Reaching Beyond Local Borders



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