Twitter: 4 ways to engage fans during an event

Quick quiz: what percent of purchasing decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth advertising?  

If you guessed 50%, you're on the money. Which leads us to the power of Twitter, not just before but during an event. Kristi Hines, writing for, offers four quick ways to use Twitter to engage fans while the game is underway:  

  1. New Tag - for each event, create an official (and unique) hashtag.  So the beer fest for the Charleston Riverdogs might read: #beerfestattheJoe;
  2. Player Hashtags - for the most popular players, consider creating a unique hashtag for them (something lively, memorable); 
  3. Photos - nothing radical here, just ask fans to tweet photos of the game, for the chance to be shown on the video board.  Added Hines: "You don't necessarily have to give away anything to encourage fan engagement; people are happy to snap a shot of the fun they're having in exchange for the chance to be noticed."
  4. Q&A - what's a convenient way to engage fans in a Q&A?  Twitter can work. Ask fans to post questions during the game by a specific time, then answer the best among them. 



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