Study Explores Ways to Hike Student Attendance

A recent study conducted by the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators (NACMA) and the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at Oregon delved into ways to get fans — students, in particular — to the stadium this fall and KEEP THEM THERE until the clock hits zero.

The study shared a host of stats, among them this poignant reminder: your social media presence makes a difference. Some numbers:  

•    Of those students who follow the team on Facebook, 72% attended three or more home football games. Of those who didn't, 44% attended three or more games. 
•    Facebook followers of teams were 63% more likely to attend three or more home games than students who didn't follow the team on Facebook, and that trend held for other social media (percent of students more likely to attend three or more home games): 

  • Twitter (61%)
  • Snapchat (47%)
  • Instagram (48%) 


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