SOCIAL MEDIA: How often are you changing up your messages?

The stats don’t lie. More than 40% of social users surveyed said that they feel annoyed with social media posts and, as a result, plan to cut back their time on networking sites.

What to do?  Freshen up our posts, to make sure we’re not delivering tired and worn out messages.  For ideas, we turned to which compiled 50 ways to engage. Here are 5 for your review: 

  1. PROFILES. Create both employee profiles (“fun photos, bio notes and interviews”) customer profiles (“link to their websites, social media”);  
  2. FILL IN THE BLANKS. Perhaps something as simple as: “After work/class on Friday, I am going to ______________”;
  3. SOCK PHOTOS. “It may seem too weird to be true," said, "but people love sharing photos of their fancy socks!”;  
  4. RANDOM TIP SOLICITATION: “What do your Facebook fans wish they’d known months ago? Or earlier today?”; and
  5. MYSTERY PHOTOS: “Offer a prize to the first individual to guess which of your products or staff is featured in a confusing or obscured image.”


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