SINGLE UNIFYING IDEAS: Turning Sports Fans into Brand Fans

Here are two “single unifying ideas” from the hockey world, courtesy of Mia Pearson, co-founder of North Strategic:  

1.    Tweet a Jersey – Pearson cited RBC’s creative touch when at the 2015 World Junior Hockey Championships they launched a “Tweet a Jersey” campaign. Explained Pearson: “Fans who tweeted @RBC using #GoCanadaGo received custom digital jerseys with their Twitter handle illustrated on the back. Fans were able to customize their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts by featuring their digital jersey as their profile pictures. This example of real-time marketing allowed fans to feel like they were a part of Team Canada;" and 

2. Wearing white – there’s nothing quite like a dress code to bring people together. Pearson shared the recent Winnipeg Jets “white out,” a result of a Jets’ campaign to have the entire crowd show up in white (and it wasn’t only the fans in the arena, “even those who watched the games online, in bars and at home . . . could participate,” explained Pearson).



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